Resources for Students and Teachers of English



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Atacama desert (doc)
Berlin Wall (pdf)
Brazilian Elections (doc)
Brazilian Musicians (doc)
Brazilian_conservation (doc)
Brexit (pdf)
British Culture (doc)
British Empire (doc)
British cars (doc)
Canada (doc)
Celtic Languages (pdf)
China (doc)
Christmas in Britain (doc)
Cricket (doc)
Cultures (doc)
Great Fire of London (doc)
India(full) (doc)
India(short) (doc)
Ireland (doc)
Irish Potato Famine (doc)
Israel (doc)
Japanese culture (doc)
Japanese trains (doc)
Kings and Queens (pdf)
Knights and Dames (doc)
London Smog 1952 (pdf)
Lost City Mato Grosso (pdf)
Mossoro (doc)
Notting Hill Carnival (doc)
Oliver Cromwell (doc)
Peerage (doc)
Presidents of the USA (doc)
Public Houses (doc)
Rosa in London (doc)
Scotland (doc)
Thailand (doc)
The Chillout Ice Lounge (doc)
The Falkland Islands (doc)
The Great Depression (doc)
UK Education System (doc)
UK knowledge test (doc)
US Elections (doc)
Vietnam (doc)
Wales (doc)

Other Recommended Sites:

English Page (Grammar exercises)
Feel Good (Grammar exercises)
EngVid (Learn by video)
Elllo (Listening practise)
The English Student (Learn by reading)
How-j-Say (Talking dictionary)
Language Guide (Talking picture dictionary)
Linguee (Translation Examples)
YouGlish (Pronunciation in videos)
Online Dictation (Practise speaking!)