Resources for Students and Teachers of English


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A-words (doc)
Advance-progress-ahead (doc)
Advanced exercise 1 (doc)
Advanced exercise 2 (doc)
Ain't (doc)
All-each-every (doc)
Alphabet (doc)
Anagrams (doc)
Animal Facts (doc)
Animals (doc)
Award-Prize (doc)
Begin End (doc)
Binomials (doc)
Birth-marriage-death (doc)
British vs Amer English (doc)
Cell phone language (doc)
Church (doc)
City vocabulary(UK) (doc)
City vocabulary(USA) (doc)
Clothes (doc)
Colours (doc)
Compass (doc)
Compound nouns (doc)
Confusing words (doc)
Converse(simple) (doc)
Converse (doc)
Cooking methods1 (doc)
Cooking methods2 (doc)
Crazy (doc)
Cup-mug-glass (doc)
Decrease-reduce (doc)
Dimensions (pdf)
ES-words (doc)
Else (doc)
Emotions (jpg)
Equipment machine (doc)
Even (doc)
Family(full) (doc)
Family(simple) (doc)
Football (simple) (doc)
Football (doc)
For or Against (doc)
Furniture (doc)
Future-Telling (doc)
Gain-win-earn-beat (doc)
Get (doc)
Goodbye (doc)
Hangman-words (doc)
Heart words (doc)
House places (doc)
House+apart+rent (doc)
House (doc)
Housing types (doc)
Interesting words (doc)
Just (doc)
Keep-maintain (doc)
Kitchen (doc)
Lend-borrow (doc)
Lie-lay (doc)
Longest Words (doc)
Love-Passion (doc)
Malefiz vocab (doc)
Maths (doc)
Matter (doc)
Mean(full) (doc)
Mean(simple) (doc)
Mean (doc)
Mind (doc)
Mistake (doc)
Money (doc)
Months and Days (doc)
Movie & TV genres (doc)
Musical Instruments (doc)
Nationalities (doc)
Numbers (doc)
Offers-requests-sorry (doc)
On time (jpg)
Only-unique (doc)
Opposites (doc)
Other (doc)
Own (doc)
Phobias (doc)
Phrases (doc)
Politics (doc)
Prefixes+Suffixes (doc)
Professions1 (doc)
Professions2 (doc)
Professions3 (doc)
Re (doc)
Relationships (doc)
Renew vs Renovate (pdf)
Right (doc)
Sale-offer (doc)
Set (doc)
Small-little-short (doc)
Somebody (doc)
Specially-Especially (doc)
Stay-remain (doc)
Synonyms (simple) (doc)
Synonyms (doc)
The five senses(1) (doc)
The five senses(2) (doc)
Thief-robber-burglar (doc)
Three-letter words (doc)
Time(full) (doc)
Time(simple) (doc)
Times and Dates (doc)
Tools (doc)
Transport (doc)
Unique words (doc)
University (doc)
Unusual Words (doc)
Upside down (doc)
Urban Dictionary (doc)
Vocabulary practise (doc)
Weather(simple) (doc)
Weather (doc)
Well (doc)
Whatever (doc)
Will (doc)
Word Bingo (doc)
Words no vowels (doc)
Words(A-B) (doc)
Words(C-D)1 (doc)
Words(C-D)2 (doc)
Words(F-G) (doc)
Words(H-J) (doc)
Words(K-L) (doc)
Words(M-N) (doc)
Words(P-R) (doc)
Words(S-T) (doc)
Worth (doc)
Worthy (doc)
Writing no vowels (doc)
Yes (doc)
Zero (doc)