Resources for Students and Teachers of English


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10 languages (doc)
172mph driver (doc)
A Drink at the Bar (doc)
Abba (doc)
April fool (doc)
Bank accounts (doc)
Baseball (doc)
Basketball (doc)
Best+Worst jobs (doc)
Boy runs away (doc)
Burka (doc)
Cambodia (doc)
Carpet Fitter(1) (doc)
Carpet Fitter(2) (doc)
Chocolate (doc)
Comprehension-Dickens (doc)
Czech out the new lingo (doc)
Directions (doc)
Disneyworld (doc)
Duchess or Princess (doc)
Earth In Crisis (doc)
Emperors New Clothes (doc)
Evolution of the Dog (doc)
Expensive Cities (doc)
Fashion tips (doc)
Flight (doc)
Guy Fawkes (doc)
Halloween (doc)
Hard Rock Cafe (doc)
History of Easter (doc)
Honest Cities (doc)
Hugging (doc)
Ice Sports (doc)
Impeachment (doc)
Jokes1 (doc)
Jokes2 (doc)
Leap Years (doc)
Levi Strauss (doc)
Lost Land Volcano (doc)
Luther and Obama (doc)
Meaning of Roses (doc)
Meetings (doc)
Mexican Pepper(1) (doc)
Mexican Pepper(2) (doc)
Missing data (doc)
Missing pound (doc)
Monthly outgoings (doc)
Months and Days (doc)
Natural Disasters (doc)
New Year (doc)
News-stories (doc)
Old english recipes (doc)
Omar Khayyam (doc)
Our Solar System (doc)
Overweight Santa (doc)
Parties (pdf)
Pencil grades (doc)
Phonetic Alphabet (doc)
Popular Politician (doc)
Potatoes (doc)
Property prices (doc)
Puppies for sale (doc)
Ronnie Biggs (doc)
Shakespeare (doc)
Shambo (doc)
Shaving startup (doc)
Short Story 1 (doc)
Short Story 2 (doc)
Smallest woman (doc)
Smartest animals (doc)
Soap Operas (doc)
Society changes (doc)
Strange Diets (doc)
Strongest Currency (doc)
Summer Time (doc)
Tea (doc)
The Dragon (doc)
The Dream car (doc)
The Elephant Man (pdf)
The Flatmates (doc)
The Hitchhiker (doc)
The Red Shoes(A) (doc)
The Red Shoes(B) (doc)
The Venus Fly Trap (doc)
The deep web (doc)
The ess suffix (doc)
The small box (doc)
TheGoldenOwl (doc)
Tropical Storms (doc)
UK landfill (doc)
Which side (Sweden) (doc)
Which side (brief) (doc)
Which side (full) (doc)
Which side (v-brief) (doc)
Witch murder (doc)
World War II (doc)
Worlds Tallest Man (doc)
Worlds fav language (doc)