Resources for Students and Teachers of English


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10 errors(Brazilians) (pdf)
10 errors(natives) (pdf)
A sentence game (doc)
A-one (doc)
According to (doc)
Allowed-to (doc)
Ambiguous sentences (doc)
Animal sounds (doc)
Apostrophe (doc)
Articles (full) (doc)
Articles (simple) (doc)
Articles (simplified) (doc)
Ask-question-order (doc)
Bad lyrics (doc)
Book on the table (doc)
CVC (doc)
Capital letters (doc)
Collective Nouns (doc)
Common expressions (doc)
Common problems (ppt)
Communication (doc)
Contractions (doc)
Correct mistakes (doc)
Countable vs Uncountable (doc)
Counting nouns (doc)
Deixar (doc)
Describing People (doc)
Don't change the meaning (doc)
Double negatives (doc)
English spelling (doc)
Exceptions - I (doc)
False Cognates (common) (doc)
False Cognates (full) (doc)
Fears & Phobias (doc)
Finish the Sentence (doc)
Give me vs give to me (doc)
Grammar-list (doc)
Have vs have got (doc)
How much many (doc)
I lost my shirt (doc)
Imperatives (doc)
Like be-like look-like (full) (doc)
Like be-like look-like (simple) (doc)
Missing words (doc)
Mixed up sentences (doc)
Much-many-little-few-more-less (doc)
Natural Collocations (doc)
Natural English (doc)
Negative raising (doc)
Negatives (doc)
Neither-never-nor (doc)
Opinions (doc)
Participle clauses (doc)
Pidgin English (doc)
Pleonasms (doc)
Plurals-complete (doc)
Plurals-simple (doc)
Possession (doc)
Quick brown fox (doc)
Rather (doc)
Relative clauses (doc)
SVO-phrase construction (doc)
Say speak talk tell listen hear (doc)
Sentence anagrams (doc)
Sentence building (doc)
Sit-stand (doc)
So-such (doc)
Some-any(1) (doc)
Some-any(2) (doc)
Subjunctive (doc)
Substitution (doc)
Telephone (doc)
There-is-are(advanced) (doc)
There-is-are(basic) (doc)
There-is-are(inter) (doc)
This-that (doc)
Time Flies like an Arrow (doc)
To be vs to have vs to stay (doc)
To bring vs to take (doc)
To come vs to go (doc)
To have something done (doc)
To meet vs to know (doc)
To miss vs to lose (doc)
To remember vs to remind (doc)
Too(excess) (doc)
Too-either-neither-so (doc)
Too-neither (doc)
Two for One (doc)
Used to (1) (doc)
Used to (2) (doc)
Used to (3) (doc)
Useful Phrases (doc)
Very-much-many (doc)
Very-much (doc)
Warn vs advise (doc)
Whats the time (doc)
Word_placement (doc)
Yet-still (doc)